About IEC

Founded in 2014 by Drs. Amy Paller and Emma Guttman, the International Eczema Council (IEC) is a global nonprofit organization led by dermatology and allergy experts on atopic dermatitis. The IEC is dedicated to increasing the understanding of atopic dermatitis and promoting its optimal management through research, education and patient/family care.

Consistent with the organization’s charitable and educational objectives, the IEC is playing an increasing role as an important advisor to pharma, supporting negotiations with regulatory authorities and encouraging the use of new therapeutics that have been shown to be effective and safe.

The IEC is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised primarily of leading international experts in atopic dermatitis. The Board includes a layperson that is an atopic dermatitis patient. Additionally, atopic dermatitis experts from around the globe serve in an advisory role as Councilors and Associates of the IEC. With 126 Councilors and Associates from 29 countries joined together already, this group continues to grow. An infographic is available illustrating the global representation of IEC Councilors and Associates, who come from 29 countries across 6 regions. Councilors and Associates contribute their expertise to support the IEC’s research, programs, events and education. 


IEC Mission

The IEC brings together dermatology experts on atopic dermatitis to attain the following goals

  • Identify and prioritize unmet needs for research related to atopic dermatitis.
  • Facilitate atopic dermatitis research that addresses these needs through coordinative activities and infrastructure support.
  • Disseminate evidence-based information about atopic dermatitis and its optimal management to health care professionals and the public through direct communication and in conjunction with other organizations.
  • Promote good practices in the care of patients with atopic dermatitis worldwide.
  • Collaborate with physicians, scientists, and stakeholder organizations worldwide toward fulfilling the IEC’s goals.


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