IEC is composed of 132 Councilors and Associates*, including the leading voices in the field of atopic dermatitis (AD) from around the globe. IEC’s 35 Associates are early-career clinicians or researchers in Atopic Dermatitis (AD) management who have completed their residency training, published at least two peer-reviewed articles, and already made meaningful contributions to the field.

  • Jiyoung Ahn, Korea
  • Daniel C. Butler, USA 
  • Zelma Chiesa Fuxench, USA
  • Sarah S. Chisolm, USA
  • Raj Chovatiya, USA
  • Anna De Benedetto, USA
  • Ester Del Duca, USA
  • Catherine Droitcourt, France
  • James Elder, USA
  • George Han, USA
  • Carol Hlela, South Africa
  • Carolyn Jack, Canada
  • Julieth Kalikwendwa Kabagire, Tanzania
  • Akiharu Kubo, Japan
  • Yael Anne Leshem, Israel
  • Paula C. Luna, Argentina
  • Yasaman Mansouri, USA
  • Joseph Merola, USA
  • Audrey Nosbaum, France
  • Uffe Nygaard, Denmark
  • Chang Ook Park, Korea
  • Raquel Orfali, Brazil
  • María Fernanda Ordóñez Rubiano, Colombia
  • Yael Renert-Yuval, USA
  • Juan Ruano, Spain
  • Esther Serra-Baldrich, Spain
  • Marieke Seyger, Netherlands
  • Vivian Shi, USA
  • Sahana Srinivas, India
  • Marie Tauber, France
  • Benjamin Ungar, USA
  • Fernando Valenzuela, Chile
  • Miriam Weinstein, Canada
  • Elke Weisshaar, Germany
  • JiaDe Yu, USA

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*Numbers as of December, 2023