IEC Strategic Plan

At the end of 2023, the IEC developed a new strategic plan. This in-depth process involved IEC leadership, Councilors, Associates and Industry Partners as we sought input through surveys and other methods.

Creating a Roadmap

A strong strategic plan starts with a clear vision and mission, fueled by an anthem and core values. During this process, we updated our mission and vision to accurately reflect who we are as an organization, what we seek to accomplish, and how we impact the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

We then formulated our anthem and values to reinforce and drive our mission and vision. This work helped us define specific goals and objectives, outline strategies and tactics to achieve them, and identify the resources and metrics needed to track progress and adapt along the way.

Together, these components are a roadmap to enable the IEC to achieve our long-term aspirations, navigate uncertainty, and continue to grow.

IEC Strategic Plan Overview

IEC Mission  

(what we do and why we do it) 

IEC Vision 

(what our mission enables us to accomplish) 

IEC Anthem 

(who we are) 

IEC Values 

(the principles that guide us) 

Improve patient care by promoting research, education, and best practices in treatment for atopic dermatitis in people worldwide.  Transforming the lives of people with atopic dermatitis.  We are a global community of leaders in atopic dermatitis research, treatment, and prevention. Patient Centered, Innovative, Evidence-Based, Globally Inclusive, Collaborative, Forward Looking. 


Strategic Plan Domain 1
Engagement & Growth
Goal: Grow and strengthen relationships that support and engage the global IEC community.

Strategic Plan Domain 2
Goal: Elevate the expert voice of IEC globally to improve outcomes for patients.

Strategic Plan Domain 3
Goal: Expand IEC’s impact on the evolution of global, evidence-based knowledge in atopic dermatitis.

Strategic Plan Domain 4
Goal: Magnify IEC’s thought leadership position in physician education by expanding content and delivery channels.


Objectives and strategies under each domain will help us achieve these goals and will provide further guidance to set a clear direction and focus our resources efficiently over the course of the next three years. This is a living document, ensuring it remains relevant and adapts as needed to our changing environment. 


Download the IEC Strategic Plan Dashboard