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The vIGA-AD scale for atopic dermatitis: Uptake in the past 5 years and position of the International Eczema Council Bissonnette, R., Simpson, E., Eichenfield, L.F., Guttman-Yassky, E., Silverberg, J.I., Beck, L.A., Mija, L., Thyssen, J.P., Bieber, T., Kabashima, K., Siegfried, E., Stingl, G., van de Kerkhof, P., Yosipovitch, G., Paul, C. and Paller, A.S. (2023). J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol.

Do Socioeconomic Factors Impact Atopic Dermatitis Outcome? A Single-Center Study Reimer-Taschenbrecker A, Daniel M, Rangel SM,  Paller AS. (2023) Pediatr Dermatol.  1‐8.doi:10.1111/pde.154558 

Treat-To-Target in Dermatology: A Scoping Review and International Eczema Council Survey on the Approach in Atopic-Dermatitis Renert-Yuval, Y., Del Duca, E., Arents, B., Bissonnette, R., Drucker, A.M., Flohr, C., Guttman-Yassky, E., Hijnen, D., Kabashima, K., Leshem, Y.A., Paller, A.S., Silverberg, J.I., Simpson, E.L., Spuls, P., Vestergaard, C., Wollenberg, A., Irvine, A.D. and Thyssen, J.P. (2023). J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. Accepted Author Manuscript. 

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